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09 September 2019

Valley 'up starter'.

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Thursday 12 September Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society 'Roaming the Rails'.    Larry Davies
Monday 16 September RCTS Chester "Northern Rails – West Of The Pennines". Steve Armitage. Steve from Leeds will show a wide range of railway images from the LNWR/MR pre-grouping era to BR in North West of England and North Wales. 

 October 2019

Wednesday 2 October RCTS Liverpool "To Hell And Back " Bevan Price. Bevan, a Branch member for 60 years, presents his photographs during his 50 years of rail travel throughout Britain and Europe.

Saturday 5 October Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. Bob Gwynne, Associate Curator, National Railway Museum ‘Snow White to Stephenson’. This is a story about the search for strategic minerals, climate change, religious conflict, immigration, integration and innovation. Overall a very modern story, although this one starts over 400 years ago and from it emerges the technology we call railways.

Thursday 10 October  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society End of the Lines: A tour of railway terminals. John Cowlishaw.

Saturday 12 October Steam at Chester. Vintage Trains 'Cheshire Venturer' Dorridge - Chester.

Saturday 12 October UK Railtours The Snowdon Panorama (diesel) London - Llandudno Junction

Monday 21 October RCTS Chester "South Wales Railways since the 1970s " Stuart Warr. Stuart from Cardiff will look back at the changing face of railways across South Wales since 1973, featuring steam and diesels working all manner of services with a few rare views.

 November 2019

Saturday 2 November Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. Geoff Stocker
‘Rebuilding the Welsh Highland Railway’ An illustrated presentation of the stage-wise re-construction of the WHR (closed 1936) on the abandoned trackbed, from 1995 to completion in 2010 & subsequent developments - including locos and rolling stock.

Friday 8 November Steam on the Coast Railway Touring Company North Wales Coast Express  London - Holyhead, Flying Scotsman Crewe - Holyhead - Crewe.

Thursday 14 November  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society Railway Signalling    Gareth Parry

Monday 18 November RCTS Chester "Railway Safety" David Maidment. David Maidment will discuss the change in railway safety management systems and safety culture from his experience in South Wales in the 1960s, as Regional Operating Manager of the LMR in the 1980s.  Also as Head of Safety Policy at the BR Headquarters in the 1990s

 December 2019

Wednesday 4 December RCTS Liverpool "Liverpool And Its Railways " John Ryan. A look at the varied railways of Liverpool and its surrounding over many decades by former British Rail civil engineer.

 Saturday 7 December Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. At Sale United Reformed Church lounge, Montague Road, Sale M33 3BU Including seasonal refreshments!
Owen Russell ‘Memories of the Woodhead Line’ The Woodhead line linked Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and London. As there were shorter routes to London, express trains often comprised only 5 or 6 coaches. The line was a good place to see a variety of GC and, later, LNER engines, which had to work hard on the notorious gradients. Like many steam routes, Woodhead was a line of contrasts.

Thursday 12 December  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society A railway pictorial of steam Barry Wynne (Special Christmas meeting with quiz)

Saturday 14 December Steam at Chester UK Railtours 'The Christmas Chester Chuffer' London - Chester. Steam  Bescot - Chester - Crewe.

Monday 16 December RCTS Chester "1960s Southern  Branch Lines" David Miller. A 1960s archive of black and white photographs mainly of Southern branches but also from further north, with some interesting diversions.  Images never seen before.

Thursday 19 December Steam at Chester Railway Touring Company 'The Chester Christmas Express' Stevenage - Chester. Loco 6233.

 January 2020

Monday 20 January RCTS Chester  AGM followed by "The Ffestiniog Railway" Geoff Coward. After 20.15 hrs Geoff will take a look at the steam loco’s of the Ffestiniog Railway, past present and future. Then a trip along the line from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog, looking at each station, maintenance facility and scenery

 Saturday 25 January Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. Centre AGM (brief) followed by: Christian Wyatt ‘21st Century signalling Control Centre – The Manchester Rail Operations Centre’ Christian Wyatt, a career railwayman with 38 years’ service, started as a signal box lad at Manchester Victoria and is now Project Operations Interface Manager for the London North Western route. One of his key responsibilities is the development of the Manchester Rail Operations Centre. Christian will describe the MROC from its build in 2012 to its present operational status.

February 2020

Wednesday 5 February RCTS Liverpool "The Black & White Collection Of Bill Ashcroft " John Sloane. Bill Ashcroft was a well-known name in Lancashire steam railway circles and John Sloane from Wigan will present some of his large collection of monochrome pictures from the steam era.

Thursday 13 February  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society Llangollen Railway    Dave Southern   

Monday 17 February RCTS Chester "The Unknown Warrior – The Patriot Rebuild" John Hastings-Thomson. The LMS Patriot project are rebuilding a Patriot, ‘The Unknown Warrior’ and this presentation will describe the huge amount of work and money involved to build a new steam locomotive.

 Saturday 22 February Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. Tony Wright
‘Aspects of the Origins & Development of Monorails including Behr, Lartigue and the Manchester to Liverpool Lightning Express Railway’ You may remember Tony’s excellent presentation on Mayfield Station. Don’t miss this intriguing meeting.

Tuesday, 25 February  18:30 Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre. Joint meeting with the Newcomen Society, Location to be confirmed. Bob Gwynne, Associate Curator, National Railway Museum ‘Sticking with steam – an examination of why Britain’s railways stuck with steam into the space age’ This talk examines some of the complex history behind moving on from the steam age on Britain’s railways and attempts an answer as to why the UK’s love affair with the steam hasn’t ended.

March 2020

Thursday 12 March    Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society  plan to have a visit from a representative   from Transport for Wales. More details later

Monday 16 March RCTS Chester "The Lever Brothers Railways Of Port Sunlight" Mike Lister Telling the story of Levers’ railways.  The soap factory was constructed in 1888 and its railways covered 54 track miles and the talk will describe the railway within the soap factory and other factories at Bromborough.

Saturday 21 March  Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre.  Melvyn Roberts
‘Indian Summer of the Somerset & Dorset Railway’ The S & D was (and still is) many enthusiasts’ favourite cross-country railway. We will hear about its unusual history, but the main feature will be a slide show of its operations in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

April 2020

Wednesday 1 April RCTS Liverpool "L&Y Engines At Work" Paul Shackcloth. Paul Shackcloth is the photographic historian for the Manchester Locomotive Society who have a large collection.  This talk will show Lanky locomotives at work over the whole of the ex-L&Y network, including Liverpool Exchange.

Thursday 9 April  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society Trams in Llandudno (Including L & CBER and Great Orme Tramway) John Davies

Saturday 18 April Stephenson Locomotive Society. Manchester Centre.  Tim Owen ‘The activities of the Furness Railway Trust’ The Furness Railway Trust has a collection of six steam locomotives, including Furness Railway No. 20, plus historic carriages. The illustrated talk will cover the work of the Trust over the past 30 years..

 Monday 20th April RCTS Chester "Another Colourail Journey" Paul Chancellor

A Ninth Colour-Rail Journey will again trawl this vast collection of images for both views from across the country and through time, so expect both steam and modern traction to appear with may be the odd bit of infrastructure thrown in for good measure.

May 2020

Thursday 14 May  Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society Evening Train Trip to Betws-y-Coed, where we will spend an hour in the Gwydyr. (Times will be confirmed later)

Technical problems have delayed the completion of this week's normal update, which will appear on Tuesday evening 10 September, so we present a collection of images captured by Tim Rogers in the course of last week, which illustrate the types of trains currently to be seen on the Coast line. Above, 158 822  at Valley on 4 September working 1W92 09:21 Cardiff Central to Holyhead.

Tim Rogers' view : Bumper Edition

2 September,  Bodorgan
. 68 018 Vigilant and 68 003 Astute with FNA wagons 550034 and 11 70 9229 017-2 on 6D43 07:31 Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS) to Valley Nuclear Electric.

158 841 on 1G32 09:23 Holyhead to Birmingham International..

2 September, RAF Valley. 67 010 with DVT 82307, 1D34 09:53 Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead.

175114, 1V96 12:32 Holyhead to Maesteg.

2 September,   Valley:  221 112 Ferdinand Magellan and 221 109 Marco Polo on 1A48 13:58 Holyhead to London Euston.

158 825, 1W92 09:21 Cardiff Central to Holyhead.

68 018  and 68 003 seen from the public footpath propelling  6K41 14:57 Valley Nuclear Electric to Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS) out of the loading sidings,. 53 mins early.

A smoky departure for Crewe.

4 September,  Holyhead:   175 104 in Platform 3 ready for departure as 1V96, 12:32 Holyhead to Maesteg.

 67 010 approaches past Holyhead signalbox with 1D34 09:53 from Manchester Piccadilly.

Arrived. Carriages 12185, 12184,  12183, 12177 and DVT 82307.

221 105 William Baffin has arrived in Platform 2 on 1D83 09:10 London Euston to Holyhead.

4 September, Valley:  67 010 on the rear 1H89 13:07 Holyhead to Manchester Piccadilly passes the turnout for the flask loading siding.

158 823 on 1G50 13:25 Holyhead to Birmingham International.

The signalbox at Valley, which like others on the line is 'listed', has been given a re-paint at some time, but weather conditions seem to be taking their toll, and the fitting of distinctly non-heritage windows back in the 1990s (?) and the inauthentic name-board typeface making it something of a hotch-potch.

221 102 John Cabot and  221 113 Sir Walter Raleigh,  13:58 Holyhead to London Euston.

158 822 1V97 14:36 Holyhead to Cardiff Central.

68 034 and 68 033 with 550037, 11 70 9229 022-2 and FNA 11 70 9229 005-7, 6K41 14:57 Valley Nuclear Electric to Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS).

6 September,  Malltreath:   68 001 Evolution and  68 018 Vigilant with  FNA 550037
and 11 70 9229 028-9. 6D43 07:31 Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS) to Valley Nuclear Electric.

6 September, Llandudno Junction:   67 010 on the 1D34 09:53 Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead.

158 839, 1H87 11:44 Llandudno to Manchester Airport.

57 313  (57 601 Windsor Castle on the rear) top-and-tail a 'Northern Belle' excursion, Lincoln to Llandudno Junction, formed of carriages 3275 HARLECH, 3273 ALNWICK, restaurant car 1366 CAERDYDD, 3273 BELVOIR,  3174 GLAMIS, 3182 WARWICK, 3247 CHATSWORTH, restaurant car 325 DUART,  Brake First 17167 MOWCOP,  plus staff sleeping cars 10734 BALMORAL and 10729 CREWE.

150 250 calls, with 2D64 11:28 Llandudno Junction to Llandudno.

57 601 on the rear of the train heading  to Holyhead for servicing, as 5Z23 12:43 Llandudno Junction to Holyhead.

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