Rheilffordd arfordir gogledd Cymru

This site is devoted to all things relating to the railways of North Wales: the main lines from Manchester and Crewe to Bangor and Holyhead, and the branch lines to Blaenau Ffestiniog and Llandudno, plus the connecting routes from Manchester and Shrewsbury, and the line around the Cambrian Coast. Local heritage railways are also within our remit. The site is purely a hobby, and has no connection to any rail company; we cannot be responsible for any travel problems you might encounter.

Updated November 2023.

Contributions by email of text and pictures for the Notice Board are welcome if on a theme connected with North/Mid Wales and borders.

The address for contributions is

Notes about contributions
Please bear in mind that I don't have time to edit for publication everything received, nor will I always have time to reply thanking you, or explaining why your picture has not appeared.

This is not primarily a photo gallery site, and preference will be given to pictures with informative captions, or those accompanying interesting articles.  You are welcome to send your favourite picture of a regular event such as the Holyhead - Cardiff train, Class 197s, etc; they may not always be published, but an especially good one may be used as the heading picture of the weekly update. Pictures taken with flash, or from illegal positions, including platform ramps, will not be published.

Text should be in the form of a simple email, with the accompanying pictures as simple attachments. Embedded pictures in HTML, Word documents, etc. cause extra work.

We welcome press releases, newspaper articles etc concerning developments on the rail system in North Wales. Contributions do not always have to be the latest news - historical features with three or four pictures and suitable text are also welcome.

Comment, September 2021: 25 years since this site started, I've become 25 years older - and slower - and am involved in several other projects. Following the  points below will get me to bed earlier! .- Charlie


When attaching pictures (which should be in jpg format) you will have a greater chance of seeing them on the site if you rename the picture to our standard format before sending. The file name should is all in lower case and begins with your initials and the date in 6-digit yymmdd format (year, month and day), and include the loco/unit number and location if appropriate.

For example, if Fred Snurge sends a picture he took on 15 March  of 67 008 at Chester, the file name would be:


if there were two taken there that day, then the second might be


This saves  time helps a great deal with sorting out the pictures from different people when they arrive and avoiding accidental overwriting of pictures already on the web server.

Modern cameras use a very large file size for their pictures: if possible please send copies re-sized for email, ideally to 800 pixels wide but with minimum compression. Some programs can do this using the 'send pictures by email' feature. This will also make it possible to send more than one image with on email without reaching your provider's email size limit.

Text hints:

In your email text, please for each image give the name of a named loco or unit after its number the first time you mention it, and write dates with the simple number first, e.g. 25 March. No need for a year if it is the current one. If possible, don't use abbreviations  which I'll have to expand.  It also helps if you give the actual date of events, e.g. 13 April, rather than 'today' or 'yesterday' so that it make sense when pasted into the weekly update of the website.

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