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11 April 2016

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April 2016

Thursday 14 April Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society    1960/70s North Wales Railway Recollections.  Barry Wynne/Steve Morris

Monday 18 April  RCTS: Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, Merseyside, Chester and North Wales Branch.  One Mans Rubbish is Another's Treasure by Russell Hatt. Russell presents a selection of historic railway photographs that whilst too poor for publication are of interest to the railway historian.

Friday 29 April    Great Western Society NW Branch    A tribute to Tom Lewis, Railway cameraman 1947-1970, Paul Shackcloth.

May 2016

Tuesday 3 May North Wales Railway Circle AGM and Photographic Competition.

Thursday 12 May   Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society    Ray Bailey: Steam into Holywell    

Seen from the the top of Pen y Pigyn, The monument visible from Corwen East station, Dinmore Manor makes its way along the Dee Valley on 10 April (Ian Wright).

We hope you enjoy this collection of pictures from the recent Gala on the Llangollen Railway. Thanks as always to all contributors and of the course the railway staff.  The usual miscellany of news items and features will appear in an an extra issue on Friday 15 April. Just one question: did British Railways ever run mixed trains on the Cambrian lines? - Charlie

Along Cambrian lines at Llangollen - special issue

Friday 8 April - by David Parry

While it is often said that black is never out of fashion, I can’t remember a Western Region themed gala with such a high preponderance of black locos!   With five of the six locos resplendent in black livery on the opening day, Friday 8 April, the early days of nationalisation were evoked in support of the gala theme 'Along Cambrian Lines'. A range of trains was assembled from the available stock, the most unusual possibly being the mixed train, hauled in the following picture by green-liveried pannier tank 6430 arriving at Carrog.

Shortly afterwards, a recreation of the 'Cambrian Coast Express' arrived at Carrog, double-headed by small prairie 4566 and 7822 Foxcote Manor, now restored to health though in unfamiliar black.

The second Manor of the event, Dinmore Manor is seen here storming up the bank to Berwyn station.

Odd one out amongst the black locos was standard class 4 2-6-4T 80072 in its BR lined black livery, here starting away from Berwyn.

From the same spot shortly afterwards, large prairie 5199 pilots 7822 into Berwyn station on a return run down to Llangollen.

Back up the line a short distance, 4566 starts away from Berwyn with the suburban rake on a short working to Carrog.

Supporting the theme, the souvenir programme shows how the production values of heritage railway galas have advanced over recent years, this example’s cover reminding those of us around in 1964 of that year’s radically redesigned Western Region summer timetable.   As well as timetables, loco profiles and event information, Llangollen provides guidance on photographic locations. The high quality design sprinkles colour photos of ephemera relating to the Cambrian Lines, the whole document being available beforehand as a PDF download, for which the railway should be congratulated.

Friday 8 April  - by Ian Pilkington

7822 Foxcote Manor and 7820 Dinmore Manor leave Llangollen with the 09:20 for Corwen.

4566 pilots 7822 Foxcote Manor away from Glyndyfrdwy with the 11:50 Llangollen-Corwen.

7820 Dinmore Manor heads the 13:20 Llangollen - Corwen past Bonwm with 7822 Foxcote Manor at the rear.

Saturday 9 April - by Ken Robinson

4566 and 7820 at Berwyn (lovely café) on the 11:50 from Llangollen with the TRPS special.

6430 with the 12:30 ex-Carrog 'mixed' train which was, somehow, for me anyway, reminiscent of the 'Titfield Thunderbolt' arriving at Llangollen!

Saturday 9 April - by Chris Jones-Bridger

6430 at Carrog on arrival with the 11:15 mixed train from Llangollen.

4566 & 7820 Dinmore Manor arriving Glyndyfrdwy with the 11:50 Llangollen to Corwen carrying 'Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society' special headboard..

5199 & 7820 Dinmore Manor at Llangollen after arrival with 1425 from Corwen.

5199 taking water at Llangollen prior to working the 16:10 departure.

7822 Foxcote Manor arriving at Llangollen with 15:20 mixed train from Carrog.

Saturday 9 April - by Jim Ikin

Large Prairie 5199 arrives at Berwyn with the 11.38 from Carrog.

Movements at Llangollen had an appreciative audience.

An interesting tour of the works followed the frames of new-build LNER B17 4-6-0 Spirit of Sandringham (above left) and the 'Night Owl' project to re-create a Great Western 47xx 2-8-0 (above right and below).

New-build 'Patriot' 4-6-0 45551 The Unknown Warrior was noted, now with it's front bogie attached.

The Llangollen based Great Western Group's loco 5532 is also coming along. Although access wasn't allowed two boilers could be seen in the boiler shop.

Unfortunately a group of enthusiasts couldn't make the service train and had to make other travel arrangements down to central Llangollen...

9 and 10 April by Glyn Jones

Visiting from the Severn Valley Railway, GWR 'Small Prairie' 4566 in charge of a mixed traffic set departs Berwyn with the 09.59 to Glyndyfwrdwy on 9 April.

GWR 0-6-0 Pannier 6430 has its headlamp affixed prior to departure with the 11.15 mixed traffic set for Carrog.


7820 Dinmore Manor  from the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway poses with 4566 at Llangollen after arriving with the 11.10 from Corwen.

4566 replenishes its water tanks.

Pilot engine 4566, sporting the Talyllyn Railway Special Train headboard, awaits departure with 7822 Dinmore Manor for the 11.50 to Corwen.


Llangollen Railway GWR 2-6-2T at rest before departing with the 12.30 to Corwen.


7822 Foxcote Manor and 7820 Dinmore Manor simmer away before leaving Llangollen with the 09.20 non-stop train to Corwen on 10 April.


With blowers on and steam to spare, the same two locos are about to make an atmospheric departure.  In black and white, the picture evokes fond memories of the 1960s.

BR Standard 2-6-4T, 80072 being prepared on shed for the long gone and
fondly remembered 'North Wales Radio Land Cruise'. Picture taken by permission.

Sunday 10 April by Larry Davies

Visiting 7820 Dinmore Manor at Llangollen running round its stock for the 13:20 departure.


North Wales holidays memories - 80072 at Glyndyfrdwy.

Dinmore at Glyndyfrdwy.

Another visitor, 4566 in splendid black with an 83G shed code.

7820 on the mixed at Carrog.

Pure GWR nostalgia  6430 rests 'inside' at Carrog.

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