Rheilffordd arfordir gogledd Cymru: Hysbysfwrdd

26 June 2023

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July 2023

Wednesday 12 July     Statesman Rail  The Snowdonia Statesman    Kilmarnock IST Lancaster - Betws-y-coed/Blaenau Ffestiniog        LSL Pullman

August 2023

September 2023

Friday 1 September
Clwyd Railway Circle A History of The Internal Railway at Shotton Steelworks and its Links with the Main Line. Glyn Jones

Wednesday 13 September    Statesman Rail The Snowdonia Statesman    High Wycombe IST Birmingham NS - Betws-y-coed/Blaenau Ffestiniog          LSL Pullman

16-17 September : Bala Model Show Ysgol Godre'r Berwyn School, Ffrydan Road, Bala, Gwynedd LL23 7RU
10.00-16.00 both days
Approximately 20 layouts, half standard gauge, half narrow (including live steam).

October 2023

Friday 6 October  Clwyd Railway Circle A Year in the Life of an International Train Spotter  - Part 2. Phil Thomas

11 October   Statesman Rail The Snowdonia Statesman    Stevenage - Nuneaton - Betws-y-coed /Blaenau Ffestiniog       LSL Pullman

November 2023

Friday 3 November Clwyd Railway Circle The Railway in Conway.  Larry Davies

December 2023

Friday 1 December Clwyd Railway Circle Members Night Presentations.  Members are invited to give a 15-minute presentation of their choice.

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North Wales Coast Railway website created and compiled by Charlie Hulme

66 760 David Gordon Harris on 6M42 09:20 Avonmouth to Penyffordd Cement crosses Cefn viaduct, 9 June. Picture by Tim Rogers.

We are on holiday, this page was prepared in advance - back to normal next time. - Charlie

Picture Miscellany

66 740 Sarah powers through Gobowen on 14 June with the late running empty coils service to Margam (Martin Evans)

5043 Nunney Castle and 7029 Clun Castle pass Bayston Hill, south of Shrewsbury, with the "Welsh Marches Express" on Saturday 10 June (Ian Pilkington).

On 14 June 67 010 propels the 10:52 Cardiff - Manchester out of Stockport, as 150 137 leading 150 135 arrive with the 13:51 Manchester - Buxton  (Charlie Hulme).

97 303 and 37 405 resting at Coleham depot, 12 June (Graham Breakwell).

On 1 June, Passengers mob the pair of 153s which should have been the loco-hauled 16:30 to Cardiff. The 2-car 155s, from which the 153s have been created,  actually built to operate the Manchester - Cardiff service, and other long-distance runs.

TfW Tribulations

Passengers on the 07:03 Milford Haven - Manchester on 17 June had a journey they will want to forget.  It was formed of a class 150 unit - not just any 150 but 150 269, one of two on hire to replace the two TfW units damaged by vandalism a few months ago.  These have Northern's cramped 3+2 seating, surely they could keep them on branch lines? The train lost time steadily, only to spend half an hour at Leominster, arriving  at Wilmslow 52 minutes late where it was terminated. Greg Mape photographed the train at Crewe.

On 19 June the 05:36 from Swansea, with 67 010 in charge, became a failure at Stockport and blocked platform 3 for half an hour, before being cancelled and running empty to Piccadilly, where the return from Piccadilly was cancelled, and more chaos no doubt ensued.

On the brighter side, we see from Richard Putley's report below that class 197 units have started passenger-carrying work on Cardiff - Holyhead services, which is progress.

A Tim Rogers selection

66 302 on 4D59 09:11 Wellingborough to Llandudno Junction. Empties.

150 267 and 158 836, 1I18 11:48 Holyhead to Birmingham near Abergele, 12 June.

The evening of 6 June: 67 012 at Flint on 1W96 20:01 Chester to Holyhead. This service was cancelled between Cardiff Central and Chester due to a 'problem at the depot'.

47 593
Galloway Princess on 1Z76 16:08 Blaenau Ffestiniog to Hull, 7 June.

Class 156 units have become more common on Northen routes, since a number have been transferred from East Midlands Trains.  Chester on 14 June, with 156 460 (once named Driver John Axon G.C.) awaits departure with 2H37 10:56 Chester to Manchester Piccadilly. Attached at the rear is 150 128, which will have its rear coach locked out of use because of short platforms at some stations. 

A few days in Tywyn, 10-15 June - report by Richard Putley

We travelled down in my brother’s car, and visited the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. Took the 13:00 train from Lalnfair Caereinion hauled by The Earl. Returned on 14:15 from Welshpool. We stayed in a caravan very close to the Level Crossing just north of Tywyn Station.

Sunday 11 June 2023

We took the 10:30 from Tywyn to Fairbourne, 158 819. Single journey on the Fairbourne Railway hauled by their “Russell”. (or “Russell Bach” as some of my Welsh friends call her.) We rode in an open carriage then got the Ferry to Barmouth, returned on 14:56 to Tywyn.

While in Barmouth , I Photographed 158 825 at Barmouth working 11:28 Pwllheli – Machynlleth. Later that evening photographed the 19:24 from Tywyn (17:40 Pwllheli – Machynlleth) formed 158 825 at the Level Crossing.

Monday 12 June

Called in at Talyllyn Railway station. Saw No 7 “Tom Rolt” head the first train. Walked along the coast to Penhelig. After lunch at the Penhelig Hotel we caught the 15:11 train back to Tywyn worked by 158 833.

Tuesday 13 June

We caught 10:30 train from Tywyn to Nant Gwernol, hauled by no. 7 Tom Rolt. We walked the Blue Trail to Bryn Eglwys Slate Quarries. This took just under two hours; as we returned to Nant Gwernol station just No 6 “Douglas” steamed in with the 12:15 from Tywyn, due to arrive 13:10.This was hauled by No 6 Douglas which I photographed on our return to Tywyn.
Wednesday 14 June

We took the 09:29 from Tywyn to Porthmadog for a ride on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway. They were running a diesel hauled service with Glaslyn, a regular performer since their earliest days.

At the other end of the line we met Emma another diesel loco which had been given the task of pushing the WHHR set of coaches which will be used in the Welsh Highland’s upcoming Gala, back to Gelert’s Farm. Apparently these had been over to Boston Lodge for their “Fitness to Run” exams and were now being returned to the WHHR. We had to wait at Pen-y-Mount until Emma’s driver returned with the train staff for the section.

We stopped at Gelert’s Farm for the Museum Tour. But we were also shown inside the steam shed where work was in progress on newly arrived Baldwin 4-6-0T 590. There have been issues with its air brake equipment and WHHR staff were attempting to fix these.

I returned to Tywyn on the 14:02 from Porthmadog. This got me back in good time to see 97 303 Dave Berry  arrive from Shrewsbury with a Stone Blower. It parked it in the siding by the Talyllyn station and then returned Light Engine to Shrewsbury.

Thursday 15 June

I travelled back to Great Malvern on the 08:21 from Tywyn, then the 09:06 from Machynlleth to Shrewsbury.

I saw 97 303 , 37 405 and 56 078 on Coleham Bridge Depot.

 I decided not to linger there and caught the 10:40 to Hereford, formed by 175 108 which was on time. I waited at Hereford to photograph the Dee Marsh to Margam empty steel train. It was hauled by 66 740 Sarah.

I also photographed my first 197,  197 006 which was on the 08:05 Holyhead – Cardiff service. Then I took the 13:18 Paddington departure as far as Great Malvern.

I rounded off an enjoyable trip by taking a picture of the first 196 I’ve seen there, 196 001/6 on a Birmingham – Hereford. Overall an enjoyable week, all trains were within 10 minutes of their booked times so well done TfW.

Class 175 model - report by Jack Bowley

Revolution Trains have just opened the order books for their upcoming class
175 (and class 180) models in 00 scale. The N gauge models have been ready
to order for a while now. They're offering the model in 2 and 3 car
versions of Arriva Trains Wales, Transport for Wales, and if there's enough
interest to commission them, First North Western - available with or
without sound also.

If anyone's wanting to read more about them, order, or register interest
for the FNW versions, they should visit the company website.

The prices of models these days may be a surprise to some who may not be
up-to-date with the hobby. Comparing it to other similar-spec models in
this climate, it's a good price.

The North Wales Transport Commission

Something that rather passed us by is the creation by the Welsh Government in 2022 of a North Wales Transport Commission to sort out all the problems of transport in North Wales.    They have just released an 'interim report' which can be downloaded as a PDF - 82 pages of rather small text.

There's a lot of sense in this document, but whether its recommendations will be carried out is another matter. We'd recommend you toi start reading at page 60.

Looking Back:  Buxton Lime part 4 - by David Pool

Class 47 47 605 is a locomotive which has had a variety of numbers and liveries.  Built as D1754, it became 47 160, then in 1984 it was renumbered 47 605 as a Class 47/4 locomotive.  On 15 April 1989 it was in two tone grey, and tasked with the afternoon Tunstead to Oakleigh working.  I photographed it at New Mills, and decided to see it again on the Mid Cheshire line.

It was easy to reach Plumley with time to spare, and 47 605 duly appeared. 

I moved on to Northwich station, but 47 605 had called at Lostock Works to drop off some hoppers.  It eventually left for Oakleigh with a very visible diesel exhaust.  A few years later it became 47 746 in Rail Express Systems livery, and more recently has joined the West Coast Railways fleet in their maroon livery, but still 47 746. 

In 1990 a pair of the usual Class 37s was on the ICI hoppers.  On 7 May the morning train from Oakleigh was arriving at Great Rocks Junction, and 37 686 plus 37 684 were leaving the main line to enter the Tunstead siding, as indicated on the shunting signal. 

The same pair of locomotives was rostered for the return working in the afternoon, and the viaduct at New Mills gave a pleasing shot.

Two years later the 37s were still working the Tunstead to Oakleigh trains.  Sunday 31 May 1992 was a day when the normal Mid-Cheshire route was blocked, and the hoppers had been diverted via Warrington and the West Coast main line to Hartford Junction.  37 688 Great Rocks and 37 685 had paused at the end of the overhead wires, waiting for access to the CLC line.

The delay gave me enough time to reach Oakleigh sidings in time to see 37 688 and 37 685 arriving. 

I can’t remember whether the 37s took any hoppers, but they left Oakleigh on the line towards Northwich, and it was likely that they would be going to Lostock Works and returning with some empty hoppers.  Sure enough, my patience was rewarded and 37 688 and 37 685 returned through Northwich towards Oakleigh.  Many photographs of the ICI hoppers will have been taken at this location, but very few will have featured a Westbound train with empty wagons! 

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