With face covering, Scarborough, 2021

I was born in The Croft Nursing Home, Buxton, Derbyshire in 1949, and was educated at Whaley Bridge County Primary School, New Mills Grammar School and Imperial College, London.

Barrow-in-Furness, 2016

I grew up in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire; today I live near Manchester, England with my wife Joanna. I retired in 2007 after 36 years working in IT at the University Library, Manchester.

Bergenhusen, Schleswig-Holstein, 2015

Some things I do:


...especially folk and folk-based rock music.  Some favourite musicians: Dave Nachmanoff, Gretchen Peters, Al Stewart, Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell, Tom Russell, Ian Tyson and Robb Johnson.

The Cologne - Vienna sleeper, arrived at Wien Westbahnhof, September 2013.

Travel and Railways ...

I believe in railways as a way of travel, and have never wanted to drive an automobile.  I also have a model railway with which I hope to capture Austrian branch line atmosphere: I enjoy research visits and creating articles to help fellow modellers.

Walking, cycling (including the Stockport Council Cycle User Group) and photography are all facets of my lifestyle, too.

Twisk, North-Holland, September 2012

If you like railways, please visit my pride and joy, the North Wales Coast Railway site. This has been running since 1995, and has built up into a real Net Community - a Blog before such a word existed.  Thanks to all those who contribute.

In the spirit of 'Community Railways' I also run a website for Davenport Station. There can also be found some of my work about the history of the community of Davenport.

I am an active member of the Manchester Branch of the Swiss Railways Society which meets monthly for illustrated talks.  I am also a member of the Manchester Locomotive Society where I 'keep my hand in' at IT support.

Family History ...

Like many people I have become fascinated by my family history of late. Have a look at Charlie's family history pages.

The Internet ...

The Net is a great thing, but there's always the risk that running Web sites about your other interests can take over the time previously spent in taking part in those other interests! Even so, I do enjoy contributing what I can. Thanks to all those who have written me appreciative emails from around the world, and long may it all continue. All comments about my sites are very welcome.

... What else?

Oh yes, John Cassidy, Sculptor

 Write to me...  or find me on Twitter: @altfelden